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Jayne Hardy


Doggedly determined and a naturally curious observer of life – definitely one of those “but, why?” kids. My biggest kerfuffle is that the number of ideas between my ears outweigh the life in my years. Having been on a somewhat convoluted path, writing has been the comforting constant with published articles aplenty, four traditionally published books under my belt, a self-published book out in the wilds, and a children’s TV series in its “outreach-to-production-companies” stage.

Some Happy Readers

  • “I really love this book. It was just what I needed after lockdown. The words written comforted me like the hugs I used to get from my grandmother. It is strange how words from someone I do not know, can identify alienating feelings, revealing them as common. I think I would recommend this book to anyone who struggles with self-care and would like to do something about it.” – Marian

  • “Wow! I honestly thought that I knew what self-care actually is and also mistakenly thought I was quite good at looking after myself….and then I read this! Really clear to read, no jargon, helped me to think about how I treat my body and mind on a daily basis. It also helps provide you with the tools to manage and implement changes your own way to improve wellbeing in every way.” – E. Le Feuvre

  • “I love all of Jayne’s books. There are so many times that I’m reading away and think “that’s me!” . I have struggled with self-care and boundaries all my life and always thought there was something wrong with me. Now I realise that there are others in the same boat and yes, people have been taking advantage of my knid , helpful nature. If this sounds familiar…you have to read this book!” – Rhonda

  • “If there ever was a journal you needed then this is the only one to ever need. It’s inspiring and helpful and really gets you thinking of the root of what self care truly is. It’s dateless so that really helps when on the days when your head is too cloudy but on the other hand, writing it down clears that head. Throughly recommend also getting Jaynes first book too which goes beautifully with this one!” – Laura George


Joy, dream-getting, kindness, you being you.
Self-Helpful ➤ 5th April 2024

Self-Care For When Life Gives You Lemons

We’ve all had ‘those’ days which have rolled into two, maybe three, possibly a week, a month, a year – a stretch of time when it feels as though life is just pelting lemons at us, repeatedly. A chaotic patch of life which tests our resolve to the limit. Everything that could go wrong does go wrong. We’re beyond stressed. We’re at our wits’ end. Kerplunked. Problem-solving takes brainpower, courage and resilience. It’s hard to pick ourselves up again, and again, and again. The knee-jerk reaction is to keep ploughing on but it rarely all goes away without a re-steering of the ship.

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Self-Helpful ➤ 26th March 2024

The Reason Why ‘Thinking Positive’ Isn’t Always Easy

The negative stuff tends to shine like a beacon, roar like a lion and refuse to retreat. Positive stuff does happen, and we actively look for it, but it always feels outnumbered by the rough stuff, which starts to make us feel that we’re doing something wrong, that we’re broken, that we’re really unlucky. Or all of the above.

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Ideas, how-to’s, inspiration, encouragement.
Creativity ➤ 19th April 2024

Do Ideas Come To You In The Shower? Here’s Why

This ‘ideas in the shower’ phenomenon is so well-known and experienced that you can even buy waterproof shower notepads! Those of us who have experienced it will know the sheer desperation of holding the idea in your mind’s eye while you scutter around naked, still soggy, trying to find something that’ll let you capture it before it disappears again.

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Creativity ➤ 19th April 2024

Interesting Things I Found On The Internet This Week

Gosh, how lucky we are to live in an age where everything we want to know and learn is available on the internet at the tippity-tap of our fingertips?! When I think of all of the questions I used to ask my mum was I was younger and how difficult it must have been for her to get access to the answers she didn’t know compared with how easily we just ‘look things up’ now… This week, I came across a few really cool and interesting things on the internet. Some of them, sososo helpful, that I couldn’t help but want to share. So, here we are!

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Business ➤ 26th March 2024

Body-Doubling For When You’re Struggling to Focus OR Get Started On Tasks

You know how you hear about something new and then you hear about the same thing a few more times before you really take note? I was the same with Schitt’s Creek and in more recent times, body-doubling. The term ‘body-doubling’ is one I’ve only just learned about but it’s a notion I recognise as a mechanism I’ve used as far as I can remember to focus and get started on things.

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Creativity ➤ 7th March 2024

Turn Your Handwriting Into A Font (It’s *So* Easy)

Right up there in the things that bring me jolts of joy are colour palettes and fonts. I just love how they bring projects, even personal ones, to life; giving them an energy and identity of their own. While I have created some fonts (and sell them), I wanted to share how you can do so with your handwriting – it’s ridiculously easy and quick.

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