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Jayne Hardy


Doggedly determined and a naturally curious observer of life – definitely one of those “but, why?” kids. My biggest kerfuffle is that the number of ideas between my ears outweigh the life in my years. Having been on a somewhat convoluted path, writing has been the comforting constant with published articles aplenty, four traditionally published books under my belt, a self-published book out in the wilds, and a children’s TV series in its “outreach-to-production-companies” stage.

Some Happy Readers

  • “I really love this book. It was just what I needed after lockdown. The words written comforted me like the hugs I used to get from my grandmother. It is strange how words from someone I do not know, can identify alienating feelings, revealing them as common. I think I would recommend this book to anyone who struggles with self-care and would like to do something about it.” – Marian

  • “Wow! I honestly thought that I knew what self-care actually is and also mistakenly thought I was quite good at looking after myself….and then I read this! Really clear to read, no jargon, helped me to think about how I treat my body and mind on a daily basis. It also helps provide you with the tools to manage and implement changes your own way to improve wellbeing in every way.” – E. Le Feuvre

  • “I love all of Jayne’s books. There are so many times that I’m reading away and think “that’s me!” . I have struggled with self-care and boundaries all my life and always thought there was something wrong with me. Now I realise that there are others in the same boat and yes, people have been taking advantage of my knid , helpful nature. If this sounds familiar…you have to read this book!” – Rhonda

  • “If there ever was a journal you needed then this is the only one to ever need. It’s inspiring and helpful and really gets you thinking of the root of what self care truly is. It’s dateless so that really helps when on the days when your head is too cloudy but on the other hand, writing it down clears that head. Throughly recommend also getting Jaynes first book too which goes beautifully with this one!” – Laura George


Joy, dream-getting, kindness, you being you.
Personal ➤ 22nd February 2024

I watched ‘Can I Tell You A Secret?’ and Then Deleted Instagram For Good

When it comes to adopting social media, I was one of the relatively late ones to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. I’d seen the rise of MySpace and it just hadn’t interested me. It was a friend I’d not seen for a while who encouraged me to get going with Facebook. He thought I’d love catching up with people there. And, I did enjoy it. Oftentimes, a bit too much. When I go in, I tend to go all in. Before I knew it, I had hundreds of friends, thousands on Twitter and Instagram.

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Self-Helpful ➤ 13th December 2023

How To Choose Your ‘Word Of The Year’

Last week I shared what my word of 2023 was and how staying committed to it changed a great deal in my life. It was the first time I’d ever made a beginning-of-the-year intention and stuck with it. I could fill reams of paper with the New Year’s Resolutions I wrote over the years (since I was a teeneager!) and promptly forgot or put down.

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Self-Helpful ➤ 4th December 2023

My 2023 Word Of The Year Was JOY

I’m happy to confirm that choosing a word and consciously circling back to it does in fact work! Turns out, that tuning into where you want to be or who you want to be and consistently using it as a ‘North Star’ is nothing short of wonderful.

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Self-Helpful ➤ 8th November 2023

How to Get Unstuck: Some Ideas To Help

Life is truly riotous. It’s not a clíche when they say it’s a rollercoaster; full of ups and downs. Just as we appreciate spring so much because it comes after a stark and chilly winter, without life’s obstacles, we wouldn’t appreciate life’s great times so much, they’d be without contrast. That’s not to say that the downs aren’t difficult, demanding and draining. Because, let’s face it, sometimes they’re so tricky that we can get awfully stuck in them.

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Tips, insights, guidance and advice.
Christmas ➤ 1st November 2023

6 Skillshare Workshops for Keen Christmas Crafters

There’s something magical about filling your home with your own crafted creations. Building a stash of lovingly made objects which can be kept and re-used year on year. Using existing skills or learning new ones, just brings with it a sense of achievement and sentimentality.

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Creativity ➤ 17th October 2023

An Easy Peasy Way to Create Your Own Colour Palettes in Canva

It’s something that’s spanned my life, this love of colour. I’d collect paint charts as a kid, create mood boards from the Argos Catalogue and sort my large collection of Crayola Crayons into colour order in the fancy schmancy crayon holder I had. Since then, I’ve pulled together colour palettes for book covers, products, mood boards for DIY and ‘just for fun’ and I want to show you how you can do so too.

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