Hi, I’m Jayne!

Hi, I’m Jayne!


Doggedly determined and a naturally curious observer of life – definitely one of those “but, why?” kids. My biggest kerfuffle is that the number of ideas between my ears outweigh the life in my years. Having been on a somewhat convoluted path, writing has been the comforting constant with published articles aplenty and four traditionally published books under my belt. The following books have been published with Orion Spring: The Self-Care Project, 365 Days of Self-Care: A Journal, Making Space: Creating boundaries in an ever-encroaching world, and Kind Words for Unkind Days. My most recent title ‘Everything I Wish I’d Known About Stress; A Hopeful Toolkit‘ was published under my own imprint ‘Floe Publishing‘.

I have also spoken, and written, about my own experiences of depression and self-care on BBC Radio 2, at TEDxBrum, and in publications such as Huffington Post, Grazia, The Guardian, and Virgin, to name a few.

Writing aside, I’m happiest pottering around my home in Cornwall with my husband, our daughter and our dog, or wave jumping, reading, hiking, and generally, just larking about.


Blankets, blissful baths, board games, slow worms, giggling like a snorting hyena, baking, then eating the baked goods, long walks, feeling excited and enthused, having ideas, lists, a good book, notebooks, Pentel Brush Sign pens in blue ink, learning new things, being by or in the sea, chatting about everything and nothing with her daughter, making up weird pet names for my favourite people, sunsets, profiteroles, fairy lights, blanket forts, a lovely lit candle, all kinds of crafts, and plants, lots of plants.


Being cold, walking on a moving train, people who complain about everything – we all know the sort, pepper on a pizza (although pineapple is acceptable – controversial!), and spiders.


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