As a writer/creative myself, I know only too well how difficult it can be to balance the ideas with the implementation, how hard it is to overcome a lack of confidence and self-doubt and navigate the marketing where, what’s, and how’s, with the growth (and subsequent growing pains).

Sometimes, it’s the getting started, breathing an idea into life that feels tricky. Maybe you have alllll the ideas and you’re unsure which one to focus on first.

Other times, it’s an obstacle in your path that feels too big, too much. A problem that needs to be shared and solutions examined before you move ahead.

A lot of times, it’s getting stuck in the details instead of zooming out to see how it all plays into your bigger picture and aligns with your values and how you work best.

Or, it’s not knowing what your bigger picture looks like, your values feel like, or how you work best.

I’m happy to report, it’s all sort-out-able. All of it. Every last bit of it.

A Bit About You

You’re creative. You’re looking for someone in your corner, someone to help you strategise, problem-solve and brainstorm. You have got a project, an idea, a hurdle, a something that needs an experienced outside perspective, perhaps you need guidance on the next steps, or maybe it’s some honest feedback to help you progress and move onwards and upwards that you need.

Topics for discussion could include:

  • Developing your unique writing voice and style
  • Overcoming writer’s block and maintaining a consistent writing routine
  • Nurturing your creative confidence and overcoming self-doubt
  • Exploring various writing genres and finding your niche
  • Tips for effective editing and proofreading of your work
  • Navigating the world of self-publishing and marketing your book
  • Building a writer’s platform and connecting with your audience
  • Time management and productivity techniques for writers
  • Balancing writing with personal life and mental well-being
  • Seeking and incorporating constructive feedback on your work
  • Crafting compelling book proposals to capture publishers’ interest
  • Creating, curating and growing a blog / author website
  • Establishing and managing seamless workflows for social media, marketing, and editorial tasks
  • Building meaningful, engaged communities and consistently providing value to your audience
  • Diversifying income streams to secure your writing career
  • Developing strategic approaches to enhance your writing and business goals
  • Mastering e-commerce essentials for authors and creatives
  • Continuously overcoming self-doubt, confidence dips, and imposter syndrome as a writer

During a 60-minute 1-on-1 mentoring session on Zoom, you’ll be given space to identify your dreams, goals, needs, or any particular issue you face, which might be holding you back from fully living and enjoying that creative life. We can unpick, unstick, and unpack, together, by exploring strategies, mindset, and tools to help you confidently, intentionally, and energetically move forward in a supported and encouraged way.

○ 60 minute 1 to 1 mentoring session
○ Takes place on Zoom
○ Each session costs £65 £50 if booked before the 31st January 2024
○ You can provide information ahead of the session via the booking form in the ‘comments’ section

If you’d like to book a block of sessions, please get in touch.

Meet your mentor

*waves hello*

I’m Jayne Hardy, a keen dreamer, writer, and the author of several books, including The Self-Care Project,  Kind Words for Unkind Days and Everything I Wish I’d Known About Stress: A Hopeful Toolkit, published under my new imprint Floe Publishing Ltd.

For over 16 years, I’ve been living a creative life, starting and running businesses, experimenting, learning, and helping others along the way. My work has been in magazines, in newspapers, on the radio, on the telly, won awards and gone viral. I’ve sold over 60,000 books and grown several blogs – one of which amassed over 1 million annual users, year-on-year. What has been the common thread and always lit me up and got me up in the mornings is making a difference. I love seeing people tap into their potential and bloom from there – I cry happy tears whenever I see or watch a documentary, film, or sports event where someone gets to where they’ve been working so hard to get to. It’s inspiring to witness others pushing through limits, overcoming what they once thought was unovercomeable, daring to dream and living life on their terms.